Your Keys, Your Coins.

The Colder, The Better

There are now two ways to use Tilt.

  1. Run the Tilt wallet service.
  2. Generate addresses in bulk and import them on this website.

Both have advantages and disadvantages. For example with the Tilt wallet service you can provide unlimited addresses to your end-users. With bulk addresses it's possible to generate and store your keys on an air gapped cold wallet, providing maximum security.

We have made available a program called TiltGap that can help you generate addresses and private keys in bulk, with the addresses in a format that can be easily imported on the Tilt website. Once imported, these addresses are used by the Tilt API when end-users make payments.

It is also possible to use both methods, as any bulk addresses that you import will be used in the event that your wallet server is offline.

Tilt is completely free during our beta testing phase. Please consider donating below using the Tilt donation widget if you would like to support the project.