Your Keys, Your Coins.

Get Started With Vultr

In order to use Tilt you will either need to run your own private instance of our open-source wallet software or generate and import keys in bulk. This guide will walk you through setting up a VPS (Virtual Private Server) with to run a private always-on Tilt wallet instance for only $2.50/mo.

1. Create an account on

2. Deploy a new "Cloud Compute" server. Select "Ubuntu 21.04 x64" as the OS. We recommend the "IPv6 ONLY 10GB SSD" server size for $2.50/mo (only available in certain locations). You can choose whatever location you'd like.

3. Connect to your new server using a terminal or SSH app (find your password under Vultr's server information, by clicking on your Cloud Instance).

$ ssh root@your_new_ipv6_address

4. Install the prerequisite software.

root@vultr:~# sudo apt-get install build-essential python3 python3-dev python3-venv libgmp3-dev

5. Create and switch to a new user (choose a good password or better yet use ssh keys).

root@vultr:~# adduser tilt
root@vultr:~# su - tilt

6. Download and install the Tilt wallet software.

tilt@vultr:~$ wget
tilt@vultr:~$ tar -zxvf v0.0.2.tar.gz
tilt@vultr:~$ cd tilt-0.0.2
tilt@vultr:~$ python3 -mvenv env
tilt@vultr:~$ source env/bin/activate
(env) tilt@vultr:~/tilt-0.0.2$ pip install .
(env) tilt@vultr:~/tilt-0.0.2$ echo "cd tilt-0.0.2 && source env/bin/activate && cd .." >> ~/.profile

7. Create your Tilt wallet, register with the Tilt service, and start the local wallet service.

(env) tilt@vultr:~/tilt-0.0.2$ tilt init
(env) tilt@vultr:~/tilt-0.0.2$ tilt register
(env) tilt@vultr:~/tilt-0.0.2$ tilt start

8. Make sure Tilt starts if your server is rebooted.

(env) tilt@vultr:~/tilt-0.0.2$ exit
root@vultr:~# echo -e "#\x21/bin/bash\nsu - tilt bash -c 'tilt start' &\nexit 0" > /etc/rc.local
root@vultr:~# chmod +x /etc/rc.local

9. To connect and use Tilt in the future (use the password for the tilt account that you created in step #5).

$ ssh tilt@your_ipv6_address
(env) tilt@vultr:~$ tilt balance doge
[2021-05-07 11:55:03] [INFO] {'ok': True, 'balance': 0}
(env) tilt@vultr:~$ tilt help

That's all for now!

Tilt is completely free during our beta testing phase. Please consider donating below using the Tilt donation widget if you would like to support the project.